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Students Demand the Right to Use Technology in Schools | MindShift

Posted on: March 7th, 2012 by bplants

We’ve heard arguments from ed tech experts about how using technology for learning may in fact deepen the divide between wealthy and low-income kids. Students who have access to technology and are encouraged by teachers and parents to leverage it for new ways of learning, the argument goes, will leap even further ahead than low-income students who are forbidden to use it in public schools.Those arguments were personified last week in the collective voices of students from Morningside, Crenshaw, Roosevelt, Locke, and Manual Arts high schools, who presented their case at the Digital Media and Learning conference in San Francisco.Holding up cell phones, tablets, and video cameras, students spelled out to listeners in the packed conference room a message loud and clear: We demand access to the same technology that privileged students have in order to survive in the working world, to compete in any meaningful way, and to amplify our voices.Students from the five schools who comprised Black Male Academy and Council on Youth Research, and who had raised the funds to get themselves from Los Angeles to the conference on Kickstarter, presented research they’d gathered at their own schools about the impact of technology or lack thereof on their learning.

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