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Pocket-Based Learning: My Cellphone Classroom | Powerful Learning Practice

Posted on: March 10th, 2012 by bplants

In our classroom, we use our cell phones and other devices primarily in a literacy development fashion. I am a high school English teacher, and I find that many of my students feel more comfortable writing on their devices rather than using paper and a pen. From their devices, they can post their writing to our class blog for peer review and feedback.In terms of critical thinking, my students research extensively on the web and it is very convenient for them to pull out their phones to access our wireless network rather than going to a computer lab in the school. They can share the links to various sites via text messaging or Facebook in a timely and efficient manner. Many of my students communicate regularly in these mediums so it allows for the ubiquitous transmission of ideas into and out of the classroom.For the artists in my classroom, cell phones promote the expression of their thinking and learning. The students use the cameras on their phones to take photos for projects as well as to document the learning process for reflective writing pieces. Many students also use the cameras to take photos of our in-class work anchor charts and exemplars posted on the bulletin boards.Cell phones and other devices also help my students to stay organized. The students in my class use the calendar apps in their phones and can also access my Google Calendar to keep track of important dates. From their devices, they can also visit my website which houses our tasks for the day and digital copies of class assignments.

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