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Hangouts on Air: Connecting Teachers With Content Experts | Edutopia

Posted on: April 29th, 2015 by bplants

It’s hard to believe that the Google Hangouts (GHOs) feature has only been around since May of 2013! For many innovative K-12 and higher education teachers, GHOs have become a tool that we can’t live without. They allow us to connect with others around the world for impromptu meetings, live podcasts, global edcamps, and school-wide professional development.

Google Hangouts are highly utilized in the edtech community, but Hangouts on Air have increased in popularity due to their ability to broadcast live discussions publicly on YouTube. Hangouts on Air can be recorded and automatically saved on the host’s YouTube channel for future access. Up to ten people can participate in a Hangout on Air, but the number of viewers who can watch the live Hangout is unlimited. With school budgets dwindling each day, Hangouts on Air have allowed educators to grow professionally by connecting to experts from anywhere in the world — with no travel costs required.

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